How Do I Get My World of Warcraft Account Back After It Was Hacked?

October 25, 2007 by Apadwe  
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I’ve been playing WoW for almost a year now and have acquire a lot of great items and high level characters. The other day I noticed that I couldn’t login to my account anymore as someone has hacked into my account and changed my password. How can I get my WoW account back after it has been hacked?

The good thing about Blizzard being a huge company is that they have a lot of safeguards in place to help when an account is hacked. If you find that your account has been hacked and you no longer have access, the best thing to do is to get on Blizzard’s web site and call their customer service phone number.

The agent that you speak to will ask you a series of questions that will take you through the information you used when you set up your account. They will also go through some security measures with you to ensure that you are the true owner of the account.

Once the agent is satisfied that you are you, they will restore your account back to you. When your account is yours again, you need to go through your information on the World of Warcraft web site and change your password and any other security information so that it is different than before. Then, you need to check your characters.

Chances are that if someone has hacked your account, then your characters will be deleted or stripped, so you may have to start all over with gold, armor, and other items.

There really is not a lot that Blizzard can do to help you in this situation, so you may just be out all the goods and gold that you had.

    To safeguard against your account getting hacked, there are several things that you can do:

  1. Keep an up-to-date version of both spy ware and anti-virus programs that constantly scan your computer for problems.
  2. NEVER give out your account information to ANYONE. This only compromises the security of your account, and you have no recourse if your characters are stripped.
  3. Change your password every month or more. This will help to keep hackers from figuring out your password.

Make sure that you take any precautions that you can to ensure that your account is not hacked, and if you suspect that someone else has gotten into your account, report it immediately.

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85 Responses to “How Do I Get My World of Warcraft Account Back After It Was Hacked?”
  1. Korenn Kul Tiras says:

    I got hacked yesterday. I think I might’ve gotten keylogged. I need some Major help. I’m on the blizzard line right now. I cant believe this. The only thing I remember is some chinese faggot who added me and thats probably how he did it. He didnt say anything to me at all.
    I thought it would be someone I know with a silly name.. omg. This is insane. 73 Pally Justicar geared, Check my guy on the armory. He has no gear. Kul Tiras, Korenn.

  2. Johnny says:

    My wow account was hacked thismorning just after i tried playing EVONY. I also just merged with Battlenet. it amy or may not have anything to do with it. I’ve been playing for years never given my pw to a soul.i have not heard back from Wow yet

  3. Dan says:

    I just got hacked 1 hour ago, its the weekend so i cant contaact blizz like wtf. they need a 24/7 phone line for this shit.

  4. cory adams says:

    i have been P blocked from my wow account for my friend saying bad words on trade city and now i can get in my account or the game it’s unfair and that day i had 2 pay 25$to go on playing and when i was at the last boss in Trial of the champion 10m N they got me out of the game and i cant see or get into the part how i talk 2 them case they have iver deleted it or given it away or soled it or even got it for there self and they cant do that there since i pay for it and ive played it for about 2year’s now we havegiven them a message and they have not said any think when i get back on if i do if any of my player’s are not there or in the a defrent realm or any of the gear not there ima conplainimg to the police

  5. Not Happy. says:

    Well, stayed up all night Monday night after waiting all weekend after getting dc’d from 10 TotGC on Sat night, around 10pm, then finding myself unable to log back in because a hacker had added their own authenticator to my account, 3 lvl 80s, 5 lvl 75+, maxed proffessions. Ring blizzard at 08:00:13 Monday morning (pacific US time and im in Aus)to find a 2 min wait time for answer, think SWEET, then sorry system difficulties, ok so ring back at 08:03:48 for a 5 min wait time, again system difficulties, ring back and put on hold for 45 mins, and AGAIN f*cking system difficulties. Armoury my toons and they all naked.. still waiting to talk to blizz. learn to set up a damn phone help line… Dath’ Remar – Oceanic.

  6. Patrick says:

    hey everyone my account was hacked like an hour ago. i was playing. got off to have dinner came back and it says my password or login are incorrect. i tried the pasword retrieval but it didn’t work. i feel like an idiot cause there was a message saying that you can get christmas stuff by going to this site. so out of curiosity i went and the login screen and adress looked like the one for battlenet. it even had links to battlenet. i was suspicious at first but after loking around and googling the website to see if anyone had complained about it i decided it was legit. big mistake. i will never trust a message from someone again in that game. hopefully i get my account back specially since i just put 2 monthes on it. i have only been playing for just over a month and only had a lvl48 toon so it’s not a huge loss if i lose the toon i just want my account back. altho i also had almost 1000G so that would suck to lose.. where can you buy the authenticator divice?

  7. Brandon says:

    I was in the middle of a Togc raid with my guild when i got Dcd,after trying to login i went to my email and it said my password had been changed. I then went to my account to change my password but the hacker add a personal question that i cant answer. Its 6am and havnt slept since im waiting to cal blizz right at 8:00. Did i mention i have 4 80s with a little over 3kg and good gear if its gone i just might be done.

  8. madandpissed says:

    i was just hacked they used an auhtnticizer or whatever it is so theres no way for me to get it back i’m curetnly on the phone waiting to be connected so just thought i’d check some sites for help but i’ll probly just need a GM or blizz emploies help I”M SO PISSED LVL 79 and 90% there WTF

  9. Abimelec Salicrup says:

    I got stripped sometime last night. After years of WOW, I’m strangely comfortable with the idea of foregoing the pleasures of the beautifully rendered world. I have an old boat in my back yard, and I think I’ll level my engineering and fishing in RL now. Goodbye Azeroth! Screw you, nameless, faceless North Korean teenager!

  10. Alec says:

    I was playing WOW last night and saw an announcement and thought it was legit. It mentioned something about a mount and to visit this website. So I went and it looked just like the WOW website, however, upon logging in, it said I was trying to reset my password, and I certainly wasn’t trying to do that so I left the site b/c it wasn’t working. Then, another message came through and told me to visit another site for info on some special offer or something. I went there and the site looked totally bogus so I tried to log in with “Fuck you” as username and “hackers” as password. It didn’t take it, but I’m guessing someone tried to login to a wow account with that info. lol

    Anyway, this morning, came in to play and it said my password wasn’t correct. It worked last night! I went to change it and did so after answering my secret question. Then tried to login and it said my account has been suspended temporarily. I called technical support and they said those sites were both hacks and that I should call billing and account management and let them know what happened (number below).

    After waiting on hold with Blizzard (800-592-5499) for an hour and 15 minutes!!!, I spoke to someone (if you don’t get through immediately, keep trying and eventually you’ll be placed in Q). I told her the sitch and she asked me my secret question and then changed my password and sent an email so I could reset it. I did so and then logged in……

    All characters and items are there and EVEN my gold!!!!!!!! Holy Shizz!!!!! So Happy!!!!!!

    Screw hackers! We outsource plenty enough jobs for there to be something better and more honest to do than hack WOW accounts! And as a player, do your part and never buy WOW items or gold from an outside party. Do it the legit way!!!

    If your account is hacked, I suggest calling the number above ASAP! Before hackers have time to do anything to your account.

  11. Lucas says:

    How long does it uassly take to get ure account back after its been compromised?I got the email but how long will it take for my account to get back online?

  12. Cencil says:

    Hey, thought i’d share what happend to be while I wait in this 2 hour queue to talk to blizzard on the phone. Last night around 2am I was doing some arena, got disconnected once. Didn’t really think much of it, thought it was just my connection or something. I then go to bed about an hour later.

    I wake up this morning and can’t login to my account, I check my Email and I get an email from blizzard saying my account has been permanatley closed due to “Economy Explotation”. So I armory my characters, 4/5 of my 80’s that I have had PvE gear, it’s all gone and they’re pretty much naked on the armory. Only character untouched was my Rogue who has full Relentless PvP gear, which is unsellable. So I get my friend to check our guild list to see when I was last online, all of my chars were logged on 6 hours ago, which would be 5am from the time I checked at on a Saturday night. Makes sense a keylogger would wait until the middle of the night on a saturday when you can’t really get ahold of Blizzard.

    Anyway, i’m on the phone now waiting and hopefully i’ll get my account unbanned and my stuff returned. This also happend to me about 2 years ago, same situation, got perma banned and lost my stuff, but i got my account back with SOME of my items. I’m hoping blizzard will refund my 2000 gold and my items that my other toons had.

    I just formatted my computer a few days ago too to install Windows 7, and I don’t really even browse the internet much, so I really have no idea how this keylogger got on my account.

    So obviously these bastards are using the accounts they keylog to also sell or trade large amounts of gold to other people that have bought gold from their website, aswell as strip your account of all the gold they can get. Lot of losers out there I guess..

  13. Westwood says:

    I was recently hacked. I’ve been in front of a keyboard for 14 years. I’ve never gotten a virus or keylogger in my life. I lost my T10 Resto Shaman that was transferred off my server. After four hours of being on hold, I managed to get him back; naked. They also placed an authenticator on my account so I couldn’t access it at all. The caller managed to remove the authenticator as well. So, I headed down to Staples, bought myself Windows 7, did a full reboot, and am recovering. I also log in at work so I’m not sure if the keylogger was/is at work or home. I’ve got my authenticator in the mail to prevent this from happening again.


    T9 Protection Warrior – Stripped
    T9 Warlock – Stripped
    T10 Resto Shaman – Stripped
    26k gold – Gone
    Windows 7 – $120
    One Terabyte HDD – Lost
    300+ minutes on cell phone – Gone

    I’m going to log in tonight and see what I can recover. But I’m pretty sure it won’t be much good.

    To save yourself all the hassle, buy an authenticator. The $6.50 is the best used money since the start.

  14. Nitibus says:

    I got my account hacked like 9 months ago. when i was deployed to iraq serving the USMC. When i got back, no more wow for me cause my account was no longer accessible for me. so i called blizzard and they said they would start an investagation on the account after 2 days they said it could take awhile.
    I waited until now and still nothing from blizzard. Had 8 lvl 80’s one of each class all in tier 7.5, maxed out professions and about 40k gold total. I really dont care about the gold i just want my toons back.
    I just think it is totally messed up to serve my country and get royally screwed by blizzard. I have got 33 confirmed kills and 2 purple hearts and this is the kind of respect i get.

  15. Rahu says:

    I just got back into wow after having taken a break for a yr, after my second day of playing i recieved a call from my girlfriend, whom also has a wow acount. That my character was running around somewhere. In response i attempted to log in. I kept recieving please put your authenticator code. But i never purchased an authenticator…
    I proceeded to call blizzard after about and 60minutes i was finally able to talk to somebody whom was able to repair the log in issue. i changed my acount etc.

    I logged in game noticing my character was naked. falling through the air naked somewhere i realised everything was gone. bags, money, even use of totems.

    i talked to a gm who informed me tht `the situation is being seriously, wow has a procedure for these things. A specialist team has been set up to return your acount back to the way it was prior to the hacking.

    So best thing to do is first call customer service then ingame gm. Hope to get back into wow soon! goodluck to all of you dealing with this problem!

  16. ItsAllGone says:

    I’m reading some of these posts thinking “jeez, how could you fall for that”. But in the same breath I am furious about my own account being hacked. This was also my own fault because I bought an account 8 months ago without transferring the characters to another account. In that time I also leveled up more toons to 80 and geared them. 5 lvl 80s, 3 of them being t9 and t10 geared, all ICC25 raiders – stripped. The wow account I bought was “stolen” back by the original “owner”. So this is my warning DO NOT BUY WOW ACCOUNTS! It is against the end-user agreement for a reason. I messed up now I have to live with it. I just hope I can at leaset convince one person to not go down this path and save them from the heartache I’ve been theough. Yes, it’s only a game, but you put so much effort into something only to see it be stripped away from you, with nothing you can do about it.

  17. Roserie says:

    I got my account hacked just yesterday, happened around 5am in the morning. I was asleep at the time, the guy took everything off all my chars, 2 lvl 80’s with around 5k gold in total, all my frost and triumph emblems, used my honor points, as well as invited one of his chars into my guild and took the gold in there, he used my main 80 (priest in t9 gear, which is gone), to take all the valuable items in the guild bank (all 4 tabs) as well as everything valuable sitting in all my chars banks. The asshole also made his own on my server. I contacted blizz took them a fucking hour to even get back to me for a ticket i posted ingame, as well as took me 15 mins to talk to someone on the phone and just to say its the GM’s that deal with that, my account isnt banned as to i can get into it, but the GM all they told me was it’s being sent to the investigation team, and have to wait from there. They seriously need to get their shit straightned up, ive been playing this game since it first came out and just now got hacked, this guy also had a blizzard authenticator, which to say I purchased one last night. Lets hope blizz fixes this issue of ppl getting hacked and having all their hardwork gone in a matter of seconds. Blizz def needs to work on getting accounts fixed ASAP after being compromised.

  18. Jade says:

    I also got hacked last night. I don’t know how he did it, seeing as I’m on a mac and already paranoid with an antispyware app and he didn’t get into my email. I put in a ticket, but I know its going to take at least a week before my stuff gets restored. This happened to me during the merge to as well. Someone associated my account with their email. Needless to say, I bought an authenticator this morning and hopefully it will be here by the time my account is restored. I’m just glad I didn’t have a lot of guild privileges seeing as I was new so he couldn’t harm them. Hopefully they do something about him. I gave them 3 of his toon names. He did it just because I couldn’t pvp. bleh.

  19. Andrew says:

    Hey all. Just letting evreryone know that my account was also hacked. Stripped all of my guys and took about 3.5k in gold. I went to the Blizz website and found the retrieve password option. Did everything it said worked fine was back up and running after i reset my password. HINT FOR PASSWORDS: Make it completely random, such as : Rjioe7295faosi. Something the hackers wont be able to ‘guess’. Also open an in-game ticket ASAP once you log back in, tell them what happened, list off stuff that got deleted etc.
    As for the authenticators, if you have an iPhone or an iPod touch you can get it for free from the app store, start typing in authenticator it should be right at the top, authenticator or something along those lines. If you dont then go to the Blizzard website,, go to the store and buy one, its only $6.50 and it adds a random number that you have to put in as well as your regular password. Double security.
    I hope this provided some help for people who have had their account hacked. I know for a fact that it sucks balls. :P Good luck.

  20. asory says:

    My account got hacked yesterday morning around 1:30am, I was in game and got dc’d…so I tried to sign back in…NOPE, invalid pw…soooo, I knew right then that my account had been hacked. I went to the Blizzard site and changed my password to something else. Went to open WORKED!…

    So, Im playing some more..and guess WHAT?!?!?! I get dc’d from the server….AGAIN…

    Well…this time I get a message when I try to sign in, saying that my account had been BANNED!!!! OMG!

    Im freaking out, like, what have I done?!??!
    So I check my email..didnt see I sent an email to Blizzard.

    I was so annoyed, so I called them anyway. Well, thanks to the RUDE person on the phone (he acted like I was annoying him-after I had waited about 30 mins on hold)…I found out I DID receieve an email, but it was in my spam folder. So I open the email and it said I was banned for Spamming/Advertising…they made it sound like it was something I had BEEN DOING FOR AGES…I have not once spammed or advertised..I enjoy playing and thats what I do…The guy on the phone informed me that he couldnt help me and that since the email said to respond, thats what I had to do…No phone help, just sitting here waiting for an email… telling how long this will take…what horrible customer service…

  21. Julianna says:

    I was just hacked tonight… there is no way of getting a hold of blizzard until monday morning. My personal email was hacked as well (how they knew my secret question answer was BEYOND me…) so now I really don’t know what to do…

  22. Brad says:

    Im wondering something…I got my account hacked a really long time ago and i looked on armory and everything on all my characters is still there and it says “last updated nov. 23 09″ so either this hacker is completely stupid or he saw my gear, (which isnt that great but i have an 80 pally) and hacked a different account…ive tried password retrieval but im so stupid to put alkjjnhwef somethin like that as the secret answer…i never thought i would get hacked…lol. Im phoning blizzard because i think i might play again.

  23. a guy says:

    i was hacked, had 80 pally mage rogue full relentless and at least 21kg on all blizz never reply, so im gonna call and maybe post what happens

  24. Purple says:

    I just hacked the night before last. They transferred my main character to another server and I assume they took all my posessions. I got an email from blizz saying the character tr was successful, then 3 more emails saying the other character tr’s were not successful. Then I got an email from blizzard saying my account has been closed because my character was violating rules by selling gold in game for real money. I have been trying to call their customer service only to be told that due to high call volume I will have to call back. I am wondering from this news if the hackers have managed to get into a lot of accounts or if this is typical service from blizz. I have just quietly played the game and managed to stay out of trouble but if they restore my account and not my posessions and gold then I think I will use this as an opportunity to retire the game and put my time and money to better use. Without getting back everything I have achieved in the game, it means all my hours playing the game has been a complete waste of time for me. Meanwhile its been 2 days, no reply from blizzard and no luck getting through on the phone and I REFUSE to make a long distance call to tech support, their queue is a 90 min wait!

  25. Purple says:

    PS. You would thing if Blizzard has customers who have played the game trouble free for almost 5 years and never violated the terms and conditions before, that they would be a little faster about getting the problem rectified so the customer can get back to playing the game and paying a monthly fee. If they don’t correct the situation in the next day or two I am calling Visa to remove them from charging my account and they lost guaranteed money. Does not make sense to me at all.

  26. Diesel says:

    I got hacked this week while vacationing in FL. I was stripped of 2k gold and all my gear. (Fortunately I had only been playing for a few weeks.) Surprisingly, my password was not changed and I was able to secure my account when I got home today.

    Screw you Korea, screw you.

  27. Jessica says:

    I just got hacked about 6 hours ago and have been trying ever since to get it back. I waited on the phone with Blizzard for over 47mins. and then someone got on and hung up on me! Not cool! Yesterday a lvl 9 toon(kakaleo) asked me for advice. Thinking it was a kid just simply asking an 80 for help I said i’d be happy to help. They asked me what I thought of people who bought gold and gear from 3rd parties. I told them it was the stupidest thing anybody could do and those that sale that stuff to people are douchebags. Well the person behind the toon told me that was their job and that’s what they did and they offered me a deal. I told them no. Then they told me they would give me 10000g for free if I got my friends to buy for them. I told them no again and to leave me alone. I then warned my friends about this toon and opened up a ticket about them to Blizzard. The next day (today), I got on WoW and played toc…got DCed and then I logged back on. Got DCed again. So I logged back on thinking it was just a bad connection and it said my password was incorrect. So I went and changed it. and when I tried to log back in it still didnt work. I checked my emails and it said that my email was no longer the account holder for my account and that it had been changed and so had my password. I don’t know what to do or how this could’ve happened to me. The only person who knew my stuff was my brother and he’s away. I have been trying to contact Blizzard since 3pm today and they are always busy and my phone calls arent taken. I just tried againa and now they are closed. I am so pissed off. And to add to it T-Mobile sucks as far as service goes.

  28. Ulises says:

    i decided to log on for a few minutes this morning and i typed my password in and it said i needed to add a generated code, i went to the armory and looked up my 80’s and they where stripped to the bone. i literally cried for like 2 min. i have been trying to contact blizzard but my phone died while on hold, so i am gonna try again now, i just want toplay my game again :( i dont care about the money or the gear, i just want my account back :( the money and gear can be goten aagain in about a day for me. i miss wow :( ((

  29. Starrlord says:

    I have just been hacked. I am a gm of a somewhat new raiding guild. They took all of my gold off of all 4 of my 80s took all the stuff out of the guild bank. Then had the nerve to disband my guild. but not before telling my guildies hello and laughing at them. How is it that blizz was able to give them an authenticator without me even saying so? Ive been on hold for almost an hour and nothing. I just want to get back on so i can try and salvage my guild. this sucks.

  30. Anthony says:

    i did not get my account hacked. i Got the authenticator on my ipod touch right away. I dont go to any in game messages from people i dont know, i would never buy an account. i only to BATTLE.NET for managing my account. NOT not BATTLE.NET~! only other sites i go to are thott wowhead major authentic wow message boards. trust me folks wow will not give u any christmas or easter bunny mounts with out it costing u $$ they even charge for the authenicator for christs sake, but if u have an iphone or ipod touch its a free app so i suggest u get it. be smart.

  31. Faelaria says:

    My account was hacked sometime late last night, or early this morning. I was playing last night, and logged out and went straight to bed. Woke up this morning and did some random house cleaning, and tried to log in at 9am, and it told me the info I entered wasn’t valid. I figured I probably hit a wrong key, seeing as I was still half asleep, and tried again…and again. After the fourth try, I was really worried and headed over to, and what do you know? Wrong information there too.

    By then I was really confused, and not really sure what had happened, so I texted a friend on my mains server and asked him to let me know if he saw any of my characters online during the day because I figured I’d been hacked. He then replied with, “oh so thats why you’re not replying on Fae?” (Fae being my warlock and one of my main characters). I checked out the forums, read blue posts, tried calling Blizz mutltiple times before I finally wrote up a long e-mail to Blizz Billing & Account Services hoping that someone can be done. So far I’ve yet to get an email back (besides the automated one they send you to let you know they received your initial email and will look into things when they can), or been able to talk to a real human being on the blizz line.

    I’ve always been the kind of person who laughs at people when they complain on trade chat about being hacked and having no gold or gear, and I always say “I don’t see how anyone could hacked. You really can’t be that stupid.” And now I feel so horrible for even thinking that at all. I still have no idea how it happened, I know better than the visit the sites boasting they can give you free mounts and whatnot, and change my passwords every few weeks. I did multiple scans of all sorts on my computer today and I have found no scans, trojans or anything that is even remotely suspicious. I’m absolutely baffled as to how this happened, and to make things worse, I’ve been calling Blizz at least 4 times an hour and keep getting told to call back at a later time.

    All in all, its been a very annoying and frustrating day, and I haven’t even spoken to anyone who can do anything about it yet!

  32. Grim says:

    I took a break from wow for about a year. Went to log into my account only to find out someone hacked it. I didnt have anything special on it just a level 38 warrior and like 3kg after waiting on the phone for an hour with blizzard they told me my account was banned and no longer available so i talked to him for 30 more min and he got my account back up again. I logged on thinkin that my account would be stripped only to find out that whoever hacked my account played on it and got me a level 80 paladin with savage set and decent gear. I may be the only case in the world where i actually came out on top. Thankyou dumbass hacker.

  33. MrWarlcok says:

    authenticator key hacks..
    why do they do it, just got my account hacked. got a warlock whit over 5k gs, and some other toons,
    i will have my account back some way. i just need to get in contacked whit blizzard….

  34. thekingad says:

    well, my account was hacked about 2-3 days ago, and ive looked up all my characters, all there gear is completly gone. i’ve tried to contact blizz through phone but nothing, my characters are thekingad, velushkaz, killerad, and multiple alts from balnazzar, u can loook them up most of there gear is history., and worst of all the hackers put a authenticator on my account, so i cant do nothing. this is rediculous, im thinking its by keylogger or whatev. if any help plz let me know how to get my account back

  35. Thedonkey says:

    I got hacked on July the 4th weekend. Talk about an Independence day to remember. I am an officer in a guild, some friends contacted me and told me that I had completely wiped out the guild vault of all it’s gold. I’m praying that Blizzard can restore everything. If not, I’ll just have to work to replace it all. I’ve never given my password to anyone and I always keep my anti-virus and scanning programs running. It amazes how people do this. I still don’t know how they could get my account. Just playing the waiting game now. /cry

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