Which Class Is Best At WoW PvP?

March 21, 2007 by Apadwe  
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I have been closely playing nothing but PvE play for the longest time. I am now pretty bored with it and want to start a new character on a WoW PvP realm. I want to know which class is the best at World of Warcraft PvP so I won’t waste my time leveling a character just to find out it isn’t very good at PvP.

If only it was that simple. Then again if there was one class that was able to be classified as the best for PvP I imagine we would see hundreds of that class being played. Thank goodness Blizzard really works hard on trying to balance all the classes. So, with that said, there isn’t just one class that is the best at PvP.

One thing you have to think about is what style of PvP are you wanting to play? Are you going to focus on doing battlegrounds, 1v1, arena, or world PvP? I will give my advice on which type of classes would be good for each of these different parts of WoW PvP but ultimately pretty much any class you want to play can be good at PvP. Every class has its strengths as well as weaknesses.

For battlegrounds pretty much any class will do but you may want to focus on a spellcasting class such as warlock, mage, or even hunter (for their ranged DPS). Range is good at battlegrounds but I do my fair share of battlegrounds with Apadwe (my lvl 70 Warrior) and if I have a healer I can really tear up some alliance quickly.

World PvP and 1v1 I would really go with a hunter for this. Just keep your opponent slow and hit them with ranged DPS and your pet and you will be hard to stop. I would also recommend a rogue here as well since you can stealth and sap. That makes it really easy to kill anyone.

The new arena system is really cool and sometimes really hard. There isn’t really one specific class here. You really need to focus on the team as a whole for this. One common thing I have seen for many different arena teams is the use of a warrior. This will be a really good class to use in the arena if you are teamed up with a class that can support you.

Of course the ultimate choice on class is up to you. I really just wanted to give you some guidelines on what types of classes would be good so you won’t get locked down into thinking I have to be this class in order to be good at PvP mentality.

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56 Responses to “Which Class Is Best At WoW PvP?”
  1. The.Z says:

    I recomend the holy pally for those who like to heal,help ppl. I have a holy pally and i cant be killed in 1 vs 1 by any class cuz my mana its ETERNAL ,its only a concept tho,its not eternal, the mana regen is 718 mana /5 sec

  2. abdul says:

    To be honest it depends on ur armour and weopen and what character suits u best…..

  3. Sparky says:

    Well, Today in a BG. Me being a pvp Shamman, and my partner being a very Skilled Dk, We got facerolled by a Restro Druid/Hunter Combo. When we finaly Dropped the Druid to 20% health due to us playing pingpong with it, The hunter was easily able to CC me, Rape the Dk, Kill me and then Kill the Mage that rez’d at LumberMill behind us. Point is, we got beat not because we sucked, or because the other class was better… we lost because a good teammate makes all the difference. Especially if your teammate is a tree.

  4. Martin says:

    Retribution pallies do the highest damage in a BG after they get both Crusader Strike and Divine Storm at level 60. And mana shouldn’t be a problem if you have Judgements of the Wise. (Talent: gives %25 base mana and mana over time) The burst dps is wonderful if you have a good two handed weapon.

  5. Justin says:

    resto sham’s are good too i have 1 and a ret pally and they are equally good.

  6. lordy says:

    i would go for a rouge the drps is out of this world when used right
    stub spc u can use with low HP palyers u can do around 11k is easy do hit
    also assination is goodf for keeping them stuned and good dots wich is use
    full agensed tanks
    but they are very hard to handel but when useed right u will kill over and over and over

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