How Does WoW Meta Gems and Sockets Work?

March 27, 2007 by Apadwe  
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I really think the new socketed items are pretty cool. It really brings me back to my Diablo II days! Anyway, I understand how the normal WoW gems and sockets work but I don’t really understand how the meta gems and sockets work. Can you clarify this for me?

I would be happy to clarify this for you. I actually didn’t totally understand all the requirements for this about a week ago but have since figured it out and hopefully I can explain it well for you.

We all know that the meta gems can only fit in the meta sockets. The really confusing part is the requirements of the meta gems with having to have so many different gems already socketed in order to use the meta gem itself.

The good part about the different meta gem requirements is all your currently equipped gems qualify towards the requirements.

Other than that and besides the fact that the meta gems can’t fit in normal gem slots they work the same as the regular WoW gems.

One other small thing that people don’t quite remember is that you can socket over the meta gem with a different one if you have a better one but you can not get the original meta gem back. It will be destroyed.

Hopefully this really was able to clear up the difference in the meta gems and meta sockets. I haven’t seen a whole lot of items with meta sockets on them yet but i’m sure we will see a whole lot more of those as time goes on…

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One Response to “How Does WoW Meta Gems and Sockets Work?”
  1. rockyt says:

    yes…a meta gem does require for example that you have 2 yellow gems and 1 red gem socketed into your gear…

    but i have another question…what if you put a prismatic gem into a red socket?..
    will the meta gem still work then?…
    because in this case you have 2 yellow gems and 1 prismatic gem socketed into a red socket… (-_-)

    am confused..pls help!..

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