How Do I Get Keyed For The WoW Heroic Instances?

March 26, 2007 by Apadwe  
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I love to do instances and I have noticed a lot of people starting to do heroic instances. What exactly do I have to do in order to get keyed to do the heroic instances?

Heroic instances bring back a little more challenge and drop better loot. It’s a great way to enjoy your favorite instances at a higher difficulty. Anyway, all together there are 6 Heroic keys you will need to get.

In order to get the keys you will have to be Revered with each of these places:

Thrallmar (Horde Only)
Honor Hold (Alliance Only)
Cenarion Expedition
Lower City
Keepers of Time

That in itself can take some time to do and isn’t always the easiest. The good part is you only have to get keyed for the certain heroic instances you want to run. If you are looking to do the Hellfire Citadel heroic instance then you just need to focus on Thrallmar rep or Honor Hold rep.

Here is also a list of the locations of the vendors where you can purchase your keys (10g a piece) after you are Revered with them.


Quartermaster Urgronn at (54,37) in Thrallmar is the vendor you are looking for in Hellfire Peninsula. The key here will unlock the heroic difficulty of the Hellfire Citadel dungeons.

Honor Hold:

Logistics Officer Ulrike at (56,62) which he is inside of Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula. The key here will unlock the heroic difficulty of the Hellfire Citadel dungeons.

Cenarion Expedition:

Fedryen Swiftspear at (79,63). This vendor can be found right after you enter the first small town in Zangarmarsh from Hellfire Peninsula. The key here will unlock the heroic difficulty of the Coilfang Reservoir dungeons.

Lower City:

Nakodu at (62,68) in Lower City just east of the Scryer’s Tier is where you will find this one. This key will unlock the heroic difficulty of the Auchindoun dungeons.


Almaador at (51,41) in the middle of Shattrath City is who you are looking for. This key will unlock the heroic difficulty of the Tempest Keep dungeons. As a side note, you will also have to have your flying mount in order to get inside the Tempest Keep instances.

Keepers of Time:

Alurmi at (63,57) which is outside the Caverns of Time in Tanaris. This key will be able to unlock the heroic difficulty of the Caverns of Time dungeons.

Ok, that should be it. It is a lot of work if you want to be Revered with all of them. Just start finding groups and doing all the quests you can for each of these because that’s how you will be getting to Revered. Get to work!

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11 Responses to “How Do I Get Keyed For The WoW Heroic Instances?”
  1. ajck says:

    can you name all of the alliance/horde place to get rep or the heroic mode keys please ?

  2. Exeore (Ally)(Dentarg) says:

    Thanx a lot for the help man, Ive been trying to find the key peeps and how to do heroic Bot. Thanx man

  3. Apadwe says:


    I am working on it and do have some of them on the website. Just keep an eye out and so I didn’t get to your question earlier.


    I’m glad this helped you out!

  4. john says:

    To get the key to the citadel instances, you dont need to be revered in honor hold, I bought mine and I’m honored.

  5. Apadwe says:

    Yeah, that is a fairly new change Blizzard implemented and a good one at that. :) You don’t have to be revered anymore just honored to buy all the heroic keys.

  6. Average Joe says:

    No it isn’t “A good thing”. The key to doing well in an instance is to have experience in clearing it.

    Lowering the req to Honored means that someone can for example run Heroic Coilfang dungeons just by handing in 360 Plant Parts and doing the CE quests.

    Lower requirements for heroics = more n00bs to suffer.

  7. hunterxx says:

    not really, if the rep is lowered to honored to obtain the heroic keys its not going to be that bad since most ppl only want to run the heroic instances making it hard to find a good pug group to run them on normal mode. and i think that this gives some of the newer hardcore raiders a better chance to get into a heroic instance and get some better xp doing some of the harder instances before going into any endgame content. besides noobs always find a way into alot of groups anyways which usually puts a nice litte repair bill on all of those nice little epics that you worked so hard to get .

  8. Alinia says:

    Wish they did this along time ago. I’m a semi hardcore player that came back to WoW, I had problems getting pug groups to even do the normal modes to get faction because everyone was doing heroic, so I quit. I hope WoTLK isn’t like that in this regard

  9. Cadeucius says:

    Lowering the req Rep will invariably allow more players exposure to group mechanics, thus making them “Noobs” for a shorter period of time. People should be concentrating on turning their frustrations into “helpful suggestions” to those that are new to higher level instances. I DID NOT learn anything from being yelled at in a raid/instance. Learning came from those people who asked if they could give me some tips that would help me. If someone shows promise, help them out. Simple concept people.

  10. Tregen says:

    Fully agree Cadeucius. Hardcore player or not, no one likes an asshat. Just play the game and help people out. Remember, you didn’t start out knowing how to play this game to its max potential and chances are, there are still things you aren’t superior at. Just make sure that when some of you jump off your high horse, you don’t break your legs from the fall…

  11. alundai says:

    you actualy just need to be honored to get the keys. not revered.

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