How Do I Keep From Getting My World of Warcraft Account Banned?

April 13, 2007 by Apadwe  
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I read alot of sites on the internet and I see more and more people stating in forums that their World of Warcraft account was banned for no reason whatsoever. I am worried about getting my account banned, what can I do to keep from getting my account banned?

I have also recently noticed the influx of people claiming they got banned when they did nothing wrong. I can see that accidents can happen on Blizzard’s part I really doubt it does happen very often and probably about 99% of the people that say they were banned for no reason probably know exactly why they got banned but want to make Blizzard sound like a bad guy.

We don’t know much about the process that Blizzard uses to investigate the accounts being banned but we do know they investigate them. They also are prepared to know that mistakes do happen once in awhile and if you believe your account was banned in error you can email them and they will be able to find any mistakes that way.

The ultimate way to protect yourself from getting your account banned is to avoid doing things that violate the End User License Agreement and the Terms of Use. Reading and understanding this can ultimately protect your account by letting you know what you can and can not do.

Here are the top things you must avoid if you don’t want to possibly get your account banned:

Selling gold

Spamming in-game chat
Taking advantage of WoW exploits

But remember, you can’t take my word for it so if you are worried about it make sure to read through the Terms of Use and the End User License Agreement on the World of Warcraft website. I have been playing WoW since release and I have never had a problem with my account being banned for no reason, so don’t worry about it.


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  1. richard says:

    Anything will get you banned in wow they have a right to boot you for no reason at all. read the terms of the agreement and unlike what this guy is saying its true you can get banned for not cheating….been there done it… as have a few other of my friends.

  2. Apadwe says:

    You are right, it’s Blizzard’s game and they can do whatever they want. It just isn’t in their financial interest to ban people for no reason. They would be losing out on money.

    Like I said above 99% of the people playing don’t get banned for no reason and you may fall into the 1% and if that is the case you can email Blizzard to request them to reactivate your account. If you did nothing wrong then that shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. Maven says:

    Despite what the whiner in this thread is saying, you absolutely will NOT be “banned for no reason”. Blizzard isn’t in the business of losing money. Therefore, it actually takes QUITE A LOT to get your account banned. The most common reason people are banned (as should be obvious from theses pots) is the ever-popular “being a jackass over the Chat channels”. Some people apparently believe that it’s absolutely hilarious to do things like spamming the Trade channel with jokes, pointless comments, stupid remarks, etc., and then act all surprised when they’re banned for it. If you get banned and think it was for “no reason”, think back over the past week or so, and I’ll bet you’ll suddenly remember EXACTLY why you were banned.

  4. perth says:

    accounts do apparently get banned for no reason. i was told mine was banned for abusing the economy of the game – if my level 20 character with a whopping 3 gold in the bank is truely abusing the game, then i’ll conceed this comment and move on.

  5. dave says:

    After reading half or all the comments above i am in disagreement with whats been put about accounts being banned for no reason not being true when it is true blizzard do ban accounts for the most rediculious things ive known, In example my sister just joined world of warcraft a few weeks she was on she made one stupid mistake that mistake was giving her email address to a friend she came to log in the following day to find out her account was banned she contacted blizzard they said the reason was for giving her email address and the account would not be reactivated the account has been permantly removed and does not no longer exist so she can no longer play world of warcraft and i think its sick of blizzard to charge people money for a game and ban them 2 weeks later for making a mistake that isnt even mentioned not to do in the TOC,…

  6. Contour says:

    I just got banned for powerleveling am I cool? playing since day one so what I have a 70 of every class!? LOL damn you blizzard!

  7. dudley says:

    Hey blizzard do ake big mistakes they banned my level 10 warrior for trying to scam while trading and guess what trial account cant trade so blizzard mae these mistakes and they make them often otherwise if u google wow accounts getting banned and links come up about be bannedfor no reason there would ot be loads of them if they didnt make mistakes blizzard are just a company it is he biggest played gamein the world and they dont care about a lusy few hundred accounts being banned there absloutley rolling in cash and for all the care people become suicidal over being banned as there level 70 or so gets banned there life all the depend on for happiness and all because blizzard qute frankly dont care about a few customers pne u buy the game and sign up then the get the money they need blizard are a bunch of filthy rich wankers

  8. Kris says:

    My acct was just perm closed and I have followed every single rule, every single term of service since we started playing back in ‘04.
    I originaly bought the game because my son was interested in it and I thought it would be good for him because he hates reading and he would have to read A LOT if he played. It has also helped with other areas in his learning..his school work has greatly improved.
    Anyway, here’s MY beef:
    I am the ONLY one who knows the password and any other acct info. I sit and watch my 13 yr old while he’s on so there’s no room for problems. I know there are adults playing and he’s so young, plus it gives us some good quality time together and I really enjoy watching him go~! (also, there’s no room for error, ya can’t get into too much trouble with your old Mom sittin’ right there!)
    Well, in the guild where we play, there is a 15 yr old punk who constantly brags about his hacking abilities, he is always bragging about stealing this or that and that he hacked this acct and that acct… I gather from what I read, he has been forced out of almost every single play area because of his foul language and cheating and other problems. (We are members of a rather large guild so have no say-so on who is in it.) We just try to stay away from him and go about our own business. Well, it happened. We logged on, and there he was bragging about how he got into our acct and stole our gold. Sure enough, our gold was gone and there he was taking credit for it! How else would he know EXACTLY how much gold we’d had?!!? He told us! He told us exactly how much he had taken and what our password was!! I was FREAKING out! We do not know this person and there is no way he should/could know anything about our information!
    We reported it IMMEDIATELY and gave the user name of the braggart thief. Well, Bliz ‘investigated’, FOUND NOTHING WRONG!!! according to their form-letter email. HMMM… that’s odd. The kid (if he really is a 15 yr old kid) was BRAGGING about it!! What could we do?!? We weren’t getting help from Blizzard and didn’t want that idiot wreaking more havoc with our acct, So, I started changing password at each and every log on just to be double safe.
    Now mind you, I do NOT let my son enter the forums, because they say they aren’t secure. I do NOT purchase gold, as it is against the rules and besides, mining and EARNING gold is so much a part of the game!! I do NOT let any cheat websites get opened, they are parental controlled. I also have parental controls on our acct. because otherwise, I don’t think my child would sleep! lol!
    so I know EXACTLY when/where/how my child is playing. If I dont’ sign him on, he’s not playing! As I said, he does NOT know the passwords.
    SOOO, during game play the other night, a message pops up saying ‘unautiorized 3rd party software’ and we were logged off. Hmm…figured there was a glitch or something. Tried to sign on, nothing. Get an email says 72 hr suspension…weird.
    Next day get ANOTHER email says ‘greetings’ acct perma closed, supposed sharing of account or selling of account.
    WHAT?!?! I have NOT added/deleted ANY software from this computer since we started game play in 2004. This is a private computer in a private home.
    I have NOT and WOULD NOT sell my account..first, it’s against the rules. Second: WE ARE USING IT!!! Duh!
    In short-after all that long: We are players whose account was just perm closed and We did NOT break a single rule!!! EVER!! In fact, we were the victim of hacking, which we reported immediately, but now we are the ones being penalized.

    If the powers-that-be at Blizzard are closing accts without proper discussion- with the accused-and TRUE investigation thus FORCING players to have purchase new cd keys to resume game play, then they are raking in the bucks hand-over-fist! And that is NOT right! I am truly starting to think this is the case ESPECIALLY since all I am getting from them ,so far, are generalized, impersonal form emails that don’t even clearly state exactly what the supposed offense of which we are accused.. and no access to a live chat or phone chat to have an actual real person help clearing up this problem. Is it just automated?? Do they even give a rats tail over what is happening??
    They should be able to see from our history that we are rule-conscious, ‘law-abiding’ players..we’ve been on a loonong time.
    I am 39 years old and I’m well past the impulsive ‘breaking rules’ stage.. nope, not into ‘cheating’ or ‘cutting corners’, I believe in following the rules, it just makes life easier and is an example for my son to follow as he grows up. I want him to grow to be a responsible, productive adult and have to lead him by what I do.
    My poor son is just wrecked that his characters he worked so hard on are gone and we followed every single rule to the letter. (I AM disputing this unsubstantiated/unfounded acct closure, but I think that is going to take some time, according to other posts I’ve read and I don’t even know if our items will even still be there if we do get reinstated)
    So, please, PLEASE don’t smugly post that ‘all’ players whose accounts are closed have done something wrong because I know for a fact that we did EXACTLY what we were supposed to and we still got screwed!
    I’ll tell ya, it is very frustrating to me as a parent that my son sees this: the little punk kid who was cheating and theiving and hacking was still playing an active account even after we reported him and he was BRAGGING about all the hacking and stealing he was doing and he kept using so much foul language that I had to turn off the in-game chat bubbles over the character’s heads! Dude!
    Yeah, that brat gets to keep playing, breaking myriad rules while we get the boot for choosing always doing the right thing… now how do I explain to my son that following the rules is ALWAYS right when something like this happens?!?!
    Anyway…just had to speak my piece. I got very frustrated when I saw some of the posts that condemn all closed accts as ‘bad players’ and ‘rule breakers’ when that’s NOT the whole story!
    That’s all. Just wanted to let you know that there ARE other sides to the story out here. Hope you all have better luck!

  9. Jason says:

    Did you get your account reinstated?

  10. David says:

    I know several that got banned without cheating as well… They reported all using bots they encountered and were very intent on playing fairly.. Still got kicked. We have now all open new accounts but are all worried about the new accounts getting closed again. Blizzard needs to reevaluate their tracking method and start appreciating their customers as beeing the very base of their existance. One funny story was a mate that got banned for cheating on a specific date. He was not enven online there. Even Blizzards logfiles confirmed this! He still got banned

  11. linden marks says:

    Well sometimes blizzard doesn’t even know what they’re doing. I got banned for “abusing the wow economy” which was totally insane considered that i didn’t even do anything that was against the WoW terms of service. All i ever do is log online level on some monsters then log off. i just logged in one day and found my account banned! blizzard gives me the run around i even tried calling them, waited for 45 minutes just to hear the agent at the other end tell me email them instead! (Pretty inconsiderate of them…) Ok so I email them and filled out the form they gave me, waited for 1 and half weeks never received a reply and when i emailed to do a follow up they told me to fill out the form again and they will prioritize it, so after 2 more weeks of waiting i asked for another follow up, believe it or not they told me to FILL OUT THE FORM AGAIN AND THEY WILL PRIORITIZE IT! and this isn’t even the funny part. The funny part was i created a trial account just to inform my guildmates that i got banned and am still waiting to get my account unbanned, next day i log back in to talk to them again, i found that account had been banned also and guess what the reason was…..THEY SAID THEY FOUND STRONG EVIDENCE THAT I SOLD MY ACCOUNT! I mean what the hell???? It’s a trial account! I can’t sell it and no one would be crazy enough to buy it!

  12. Aaron says:

    my 70 BE pally got keylogged a month after i hit 70 with him i immediently got him back with no gear or anything, i run around for a couple mins until im disconnected when i try to log back on there is a message says, this account has been closed due to “explotation of the econemy” so i email blizz saying that my account got hacked and ive never done anything wrong, 24 hours later i get a email saying we have reviewed the closing of your account and decided it should stay closed if problems presist please contact wowbilling at blah blah, and then all i could think is “YOU DIDNT EVEN LOOK AT MY EMAIL YOU ASSHOLES” all we are to blizzard is another pointless sob storie they dont even care about….

  13. Shane McMahon says:

    My account was banned for NO reason. I was just playing normaly and then I killed many players (horde) in Alterac Valley. 10 minuts after that one guy whispered me: “Hey man you killed me in Alterac, now I made alliance just to tell you that. But you will see it won’t end on “you beat me”. About 2 minuts after that my account got banned. Damn Blizzard didn’t even asked me what I did. They are on “witch hunt” now and chasing all hackers,spammers and other trash like that. I am sure that many people deserve banned account,hackers spammers,caps guys….but they didn’t get banned. Blizzard is banning for no reason now,I checked there are about 2000 banned accounts in June when “witch hunt” started. Blizzard administrators are believing to everyone that report someone alse.Blizzard isn’t even checking what someone did wrong.

  14. mshook12 says:

    I was threatened with a ban for no reason, and their excuse was that they detected I was trying to sell/trade my account. The only explanation I can think of for their false accusation is that I occasionally play on another computer (my laptop). I immediately canceled my account and will never give Blizzard my money again.

  15. Mark says:

    My Account was Banned For no reason i have played for a years done nothing and then i got a problem i couldn’t add my game card because they have turn it off it for no reason
    then i send them a mail it took several days before i got the message from them. Then they ask me stupid questions about “how many accounts do you have?” and then i tell 1 and wait for several days and got the email and they ask “what is the problem?” and i just told them in the first email they just freaking ignored me what i send them in email… and then i write them my last email and then finally they fixed the problem so i could add a new game card, but they gave me a new problem they simple just banned me for no reason and now i try to send them my 6 email to them they simple ignore me they dont fix my banned problem and i just got my rogue lvl 64. Its really wrong that they dont do anything we all have paid for playing and they just decide us to get banned for no reason and why do they ignore our emails? its their jobs to fix it. You guys who are banned, its really unfair they want us to make new account its freaking stupid then we have to pay for their
    Account key and game card key its simple scamming us for money they bastards!

  16. trix says:

    i got fucking banned 3times now , first Racial harrasment ,wich was my fault to be honest , second time , sexual harrasment … A game master thought i was flirting with him When i said he should get laid… First one my fault truly know about that , second time Man i hope that gamemaster never meets me in reallife cause i would kick her/his ass and shuv the burning crusade package up his ass…
    Third time( most retarted ban) i got acused by Life threatening a person , and probly that person Did get banned cause i reported him for Verbal harrasment and he got me back by saying i threatened him wich is totally not me :/ cmon its the fucking internet saying to people u gonna kill them in reallife and cut their family up is totally LAME so why the hell should i do that… So i’m planning to use this Site and Multiple other sites as a Fact & Proof To sue blizzard and his companies + that retarted guy who reported me in a case that will probly go international… i can’t wait, If u see me on the news cross ur fingers if i win that case cause if i do i hope blizzard will change their vieuw of banning randomly at evry freaking false reports… for those who got perm banned , i feel sorry for ya , i’m not sure if i’m perm banned cause I’m still working my way out of this one but know this even if they give me my account back i will still not give up in saving people ‘rights’ in playing the game..

  17. Starfall says:

    I got banned 4 times in 1 month. Here is my story. 1 time bought a game reset WC 10 times it locked for 2 hr ( not biggie thats how it supposed to be its intended by game developers) got banned permanently for EXPLOITING THE GAME. 2 time bought a geme as soon as hit lvl 10 banned for exploiting WTHeck? 3 and 4 times same lame. sent emails to them in return BS response i im a hacker blah blah blah…

    So i gave up. Stopped wasting my money on them, started going to university to get my BA instead. Waiting for WAR.

    Oh btw sent them a latter that they are paranoid stupid mothersuckers, that did not deserve my money. Feel much better now. They responded next day i have to be polite with them only then they will consider talking to me… Thats after spending 80+ $$$ in 1 month on them… Rip-off

  18. Seth says:

    omfg, the same thing happened to me, i been playing since Jan 06, and one day in december 07, i was questing in STV on my lvl 44 dwarf hunter, and i have to go to take finals at school, so i leave for school, and when i get back, i try to log in and it says that the account password isnt correct and something about being temorarily disabled..i go to my email and it says that “this account has been banned for assosiation with other accounts that have been banned for breaking the rules of conduct # something something blah blah blah, and that i now was on a final warning and 72 hour ban….what the heck?!?…so i send a messege to blizz requesting info on how the hell i got banned…and an automated message from “” or something like that comes back 4 days later after the ban is gone, saying that the staff would get back to me soon, and that i shouldn’t reply to the messege….so i shrugged it off, and just kept playing, making an extream point to keep my record clear, and track clean, not doing anyhting that would have cause for a suspension again…TWO DAYS AGO, i was doing BGs to get lvl 60 battle mount, on the same hunter, but lvl 59 now, fighting in alterac valley and pwning some nub, and after he dies, he goes AFK out of BG…i keep playing thinking to myself, huh wierd, and about 2 min l8er, he sends me a messege from some other char saying “Hey man you killed me in Alterac, now I made alliance just to tell you that. But you will see it won’t end on “you beat me”.” i replied saying, “lol, wth???” “what is that supposed to mean???” and he goes offline…so i once again just shrug it off thinking it’s just some wierdo trying to scare me…i finish playing BGs and go to bed, then leave for school in the morning. at school, im all excited and talkking to my friend philip that plays with me on proudmoore… and we were having a grand old time talking (because we were both doing BG’s to get same mount, the black tiger)…and as im leaving school, i tell him to meet in StormWind to go to alterac and finish up bg tokens…i get back from school, and go to log in, and my heart just dropped when the messege popped up, this accout has been disabled and can no longer be used….i immediatly went to my email, and omg….i cant even explain the rage i felt, when i saw “perm ban for association with acc…etc.” in the email….why did blizz do this?!?! i don’t know… i sent an email back, and once again i go tthe stupid automated message saying not to snd anymore emails to them….if i dont get my account back…i don’t know what ill do…i spent so much time on it, that it almost seems to have become a part of me….not only that but i had to call my friend philip, who was mad because he was getting owned in the bg’s without me…now i either have to get acc back…*hoping and praying*…or make a brand new acc and risk getting banned again…. i know i didn’t loose any lvl 70 pally with gladiator or anything…but i spent alot of time and money helping friends and guildies out….

  19. Pwnzor says:

    i have been playn since Jan 07. Got keylogged in june and didnt get my accnt back until august 07. I got some gamecards for xmas and start to pwn again. I went from a 54-69 in about 5 weeks. Once i got a 69 i started to farm Mote of LIfe becase they are easy drops n woth likr 20g in A.H. I do this for like 2 days and here comes exploting the econmy. WTF i am tryin to get my epic flying mount n apparently i am cheating. So then i got perm banned for selling tons of gems when i disenchanted swords n such. i made 1000 gold in 4 days and i guess thats too much. so if u get banned just fuck wow and play something diffrnt becuz the new wow explansion is just goin to get gayer and cause more problems. I suggest getn xbox live or a ps3 and stop spending money on wow. Its not worth it in the end.

  20. Tim says:

    I stopped playing WoW about a year ago. I had over 200 days played. Well, this past weekend my wife and I went and got the Burning Crusade. After installing the game I tried to login and couldn’t my password had been changed. I spent an hour on the phone to fix that, great now I have a password!

    I try to login again and now it tells me my account is banned. I contact the nice people at Blizzard hoping they will re-instate my account. Three days later I get an email saying under no circumstances will be account be re-instated… I wasn’t even active in the game when my account was banned. What gives?

  21. Guy says:

    WOWWWW the same thing just happened to me. I’m level 49 and just got suspended for “exploiting the economy” because apparently 145g is too much for my level. The WoW GMs are corrupt pigs.

  22. bob says:

    I got banned after getting a virus I email but they did give a damn lost a 70lvl 725 hours 60 lvl 150 hours thank blizzard nice job gratz on scamming me

  23. Chilen says:

    I’m in the process of getting banned right now. I’m under a 72 hour suspension for using 3rd party software…’s my story.

    I have been warned once for using a racial slur…..I’ve been reported 2 other times but have never heard anything back from Blizzard saying I did anything wrong or anything. In fact the 2 other times I don’t think i did really anything wrong the guys just got mad at me so they decided to make something up and report me….Well the last time I got reported was bout 4 or 5 days ago by a guy named Lovedrops on Antonides realm. I wasn’t calling him a homo, he’s just super sensitive and took my comment to be directed at him…..well anyways….that was like on a Wednesday or Thursday. I played Sunday night and got out of Mana Tombs about 2 in the morning (Monday Morning). I logged off almost immediatly and went to bed. I got up around 9:00 and logged in. As soon as I was connected I got disconnected. I tried again…same thing. Third time I finally made it to the character selection screen and than got disconnected immediatly. I was only on the character selection screen for 2 or 3 seconds but my character was naked except for a shirt and a tabard. I just figured it didn’t have time to load all the way.. I tried loggin in again and got disconnected immediatly and it dawned on me that maybe somebody else was trying to log into my account at the same time. I went to the WoW website and changed my password and sure enough I could log in. And also sure enough I had been robbed. I have 6 lvl 70’s and all of them except one were completely naked. All my equipment and anything valuable was gone including over 1300 gold. And when I tell you I have 6 level 70 I swear to go that I never paid to power level them. They took aot of time and effort to level up all those characters. None of them were epic geared yet as I had just turned my last 2 characters into 70’s just last Sunday. So I am just starting to work on all of them and get them all epic geared.

    Oh yeah…5 of the guys were completely naked the 6th one, when I logged him on, was in feralas, which I hadn’t been to with this guy in months. Not only that but he was geared with Green and Blue items. He’s a Hunter so he wears mail but his equipment was mixed with Mail and Leather items and his weapon I have no idea were it came from. Even the items he was wearing…none of them were ones I owned before. Ok…not only that but all my buttons were re-arranged and mixed up (my attack buttons) and also for this character only my Friends list was completly wiped out except for one name Yjo. I don’t konw any Yjo and never added this guy to my list.

    Well a game master game on and said that an account specialist would have to review everything before I could get all my stuff back but he re-assure me by telling me that at least he was sending back some of my equipment so at least I’ve be able to play still. Well all my characters did recieve their gear back and some items but Delvin never recieved anything. I was down to 2 gold so I just did 1 daily with each character and logged off. With one character i did my daily and played a little bit. By now it was about 4:30 Monday after noon. At around 11:30 Monday night I decided to play again so I go to log in I can’t …saying wrong password. I go check my email and I have 2 from WoW. The first is saying i requested a new password and it has one listed for me. I go back to the game and use this password. It connects but I get a message saying my account has been suspended.

    I go back to my email and sure enough the other email is saying that i’m under 72 hour suspension for using 3rd party software.

    I use add ons but here’s the situation…I’ve used the same add ons for the last 5 or 6 months. Not only that but I just reformatted my computer on Friday or Saturday and added my old add-on folder. When I started the game half of the add ons I was using were turned off. The game was running great and i was getting between 30 and 50 frmaes per second so I never bothered to turn the other add ons on. I didn’t intall any new add ons at all. Even after re-formating my compter I barely have even anything installed on it yet. The first thing i installed was my virus software and have kept a scan on everything new installed. And have done completel virus scans every day since re-formatting and it has found nothing. So I dont’ believe I have any keyloggers or anything on my computer. Could it be possible the the person who hacked my computer was the one using the 3rd Party software? And now I’m suspended because of it. I wrote WoW a long email detailing everything everthing mentioned here and more so hopefully they will get back to me soon but I seriously thing they would rather just ban me and forget me than to have to pay an employee to investigate this total situation…I believe my days in WoW are numbered…..which after leveling 6 characters to 70 is a total shame!!


  24. Xanados says:

    Hi guys,

    I feel the pain of having an account banned, been playing since the day the game came out, during that time I had leveled 7 level 70s followed by many more lvl 50+ characters. My main character was a Tier 6 geared Guild Master, main tank Paladin to my guild, ages ago, back in 04 i used a mod called Healer/Nuker this mod was allowed by blizzard and it helped with buffing and healing.

    A month ago I tried to log on and it came up my account had been banned, my first actions were O M F G W T F, i go to check my email and i got banned for using 3rd party blah blah, they were referring to the mod i still had, the mod which was legal back in 04/05 but now, its considered naughty… a bot?!?! Pending that my account wasnt just banned, but closed… my 7 level 70s were gone, forever… 4 years of hard play… dead? vanquished? destroyed? gone forever never to be seen again. This made me a very sad panda.

    As i mentioned before i am the guild master of a end game guild and main tank to the raids. My guild? disbanded… my 40-50 end game friends? 13 quit playing due to my ban, for the reason i got banned at that. The others now reside in all the 2nd best guilds, guilds that are demorilizing them so they say.

    Now it comes to what i’ve tried to do, cause stealing 4 years of my lifes work, yes lifes work cause i have put in some hard time making other people happy, not-to-mention studying up for raids and farming materials for raid buffs ect. I IMMEDIATELY sent a reply, a very nice reply in a very calm discription, they replied with something like, sorry cant help ya.

    I tried calling, sorry you have to email blah blah, so i’d go email and still i get a massive poster saying, HAHA. Now this comes to my point and the only thing blizzard need to do which i think could acually solve ALOT of problems and acually give meaning to there actions, and thats… contact you first… either in-game or by phone, cause making us poor banned lads HAVE TO REPLY TO A FUCKEN MACHINE OVER AND OVER is rather VERY unprofessional and to me its like trying to convince a suicide bomber to brush his teeth, its absolutely FUCKED UP?!?!?

    This turn of events has made me depressed, i must say yes i was abit of a addict, but only in my spare time, i work in the navy and use WOW as something to cheer me up from my depressing job, but ha ha ha, now i come home after gym and sit down and act depressed lol, ay like i am very bored, i cant play other games its not me, i like WOW for the people not rly the computer game, blizzard have ripped a part of my heart out and when i heard my 4 year long year guild had broke i got a fucken tear in my robotic eye.

    So, present day… i will never give up, i will fucken go over to there fucking HQ and piss on their grass if i have to, its like having your wife give birth and you love and raise your child for 4 years then some asian military comes, take your child and puts him in a torture chamber to be raped and killed, i know characters to some people are nothing but along with my tier 6 tank paladin, who also beared tier 6 related healing and ret gear, along with even a shockadin set, i also had on my other 6 lvl 70s tier 5/6 epics and i spent endless time grinding all there reps and honor/arena ratings up as far as i can. Its hard working, even for sitting in a chair.

    I will get my account back, and thats that. I never loose, if i could kick the recent Kil’jaeden downing we did, in the nuts then i can also shove my foot up blizzards ass.

    Thank you, and good luck to all you banned poor bastards. :(

  25. jjslash says:

    i got banned for the same thing

  26. jjslash says:

    i got banned for exploiting the economy?? wat the hell is that??

  27. Bobby says:

    I have been on Everquest for 8 years, which EQ celebrating 9th birhday this year Happy Birthday EQ!! I also play Wow, not long enough but just for a 1 year. I have never experienced a problem with Blizzard, I noticed a lot of immature people on Wow, including people telling other players they want to hack the game. It comes to the conclusion that most of the accounts banned were indeed people trying to exploit the game. I remember playing on on world of warcraft one day and some immature guy was cussing and threatening to hack to get money?? Well i’ts people like that who need banned. You don’t need to cheat on Wow, come on people, if you played Everquest or Vanguard, those two games are the hardest, its hard to lvl after 10 and you need groups. I know this because I played World of Warcraft and it was a piece of cake. If you don’t believe me play Everquest or Vanguard and find out for yourself. Blizzard is a great company, their Gm’s are nicer than the ones from SOE and they actually go ingame to help you. I don’t think Blizzard would ever ban an account without investigating, and the GM’S know what your doing because they sit in a cubicle and can see a list of players. A GM can easily detect something is going on if your money was 102 gold and it went instantly to 5000 gold. Now they will let this pass, trust me my friend ordered gold and nothing happened to him, but as for power leveling, or exploiting they will do something about it because they look at the two differen’t ip’s. However, they only ban or suspend accounts if one ip is from the USA, and another is from China and both ip’s log in back and forth? Anyways, if your going to play an mmorpg, play it for fun, don’t exploit it, don’t cheat, and don’t try to hack it. If you want to do that get a game that isn’t an mmorpg and have fun with it doing that kind of stuff. But the goal is to have all players have fair usage of a mmorpg. I just also want to say Sony is now allowing people to have 2 months free on their online games, no bull. Allright i’m done babbling lol.

  28. Optimisti says:

    My wow-account got banned for the strangest reason in my opinion. About a week ago I logged in to my account and noticed that my character didnt have anykind of gear on. I thought it was just a bug and would correct itself soon. It never did. Then the next day I logged in to report to a GM about the matter but then my main character who’s gear was missing wasnt there. So I made an random character quickly to report to a GM that someone or something had broken in to my account and that can they help me with the matter. They said they will start the investigetions and asked me that when did all this happen. I answered them honestly and for the end thanked them from helping me out. Next day I logged in; no news from the GMs. Next day of that the same happened. And the next day of that; I LOG IN. MY ACCOUNT NAME/PASSWORD DOESNT MATCH! I try to retrieve password like 27 times in 2 days but it doesnt come to my e-mail. I tried to search in wow-armory character search my alts that were on that account but didnt find them. This only can mean one thing; MY ACCOUNT IS BANNED. Thanks a ******* lot Blizzard. I had spent my money on countless pre-paid game cards and now Im banned for the most ****** up reason. I cant create a new account cause I only have one Authentication key of course. And they didnt give me a 1-3 day ban or anything they gave me a PERMANENT BAN. If someone can help me plz; tell me what I should do to make this right. I’d really appreciate it.

  29. Chloeywow says:

    Optimisti, your WoW account was not banned unless it tells you “This WoW account has been perminantly (Temporarily) Banned. For more information on this issue please visit “” or something close to that.

    My wow account was banned almost a year ago for “exploitation of the wow economy” as i say, i didn’t do anything wrong blizzard repeats the same thing in each of the emails i sent to them “we reinvestigated this issue and unfortunately we have come to the same conclusion of keeping this account banned for said reasons”. So after a couple months of getting nothing from them, i gave up..made a new account. Then i get level 40 BE Paladin and that account got banned for “being in association with banned accounts for said alligations” ect… so i made a third account (yeah, im addicted..) though, it was after about a 6 month break from WoW. On this account i make a BE Mage and get it to level 70. After missing my 3 70’s on the first banned account i message blizzard again, this time appologizing for my mistakes and confirming that i wont ever do it again ect, no thinking they’ll even care.. and honestly i dont think they do, maybe its just a new policy but they replied saying alright well fax/mail us this form with a notorized copy for your drivers license and we will consider it. Tonight i get an email saying that my password has been reset and blah blah assuming everything was fixed and i have my account back finally.

    My anxious self checks the Account management section of the WoW site for this account and it said it was a trial account and needed to be upgraded to a full account with a new Auth code and such. When i started the account 4 years ago, yes it was a trial account. but wasnt a trial account any longer (with 3 70’s it would be obvious right?). I can’t figure out how to fix this and i don’t want to wait another week for a blizz response so i have an open petition on my new account..hopefully they can help.

  30. Blank says:

    Honestly the way I see it Blizzard doesn’t care about their costumers, with 10 million subscribers I wouldn’t care if I lost a couple thousand myself. I mean seriously lets find out how much the fat bastards are making right now lets see here 10 million subscribers means 10 million accounts so that’s 1 World of Warcraft game $20 and 1 TBC expansion $35 per account comes to total $55 x 10,000,000= $550,000,000 (half a Billion dollars HOLY $hi#), now the monthly subscription is $15 per month after of course the one free month per account, $15 x 1month x 10,000,000 accounts = $150,000,000 per month x 12 months a year = $1,800,000,000 every year. So blizzard is making approx 2 Billion dollars a year off of the subscriptions alone, not counting the retail copies of the game. And lets not forget about the banned addicted wow players forced to buy whole new retail copies of wow and a new subscriptions every couple months or so. All in all blizzard doesn’t care about it costumers after all look at all this money they have, they are just going to keep creating the game to their own liking and have people play the game forever they don’t listen to the suggestions its just a place to put your ideas out so blizzard and everyone else can make fun of you.

  31. nik says:

    often and probably about 99% of the people that say they were banned for no reason probably know exactly why they got banned but want to make Blizzard sound like a bad guy.

  32. Dan says:

    My account just got banned in the last couple of days – hadn’t played in over a month. Got the banned notice to the email account of record and sent an immediate appeal with request to reset password. Got the account reinstated with the password reset message. I changed my password on the account admin page, and in a little more than an hour, the account was banned again! What in the world? It almost sounds like an inside job to me.

  33. just says:

    i purposely got my account banned by calling out every gm in the game in trade chat
    running around speed hacking, wall jumping, and every other thing you can think of.
    after (wanting to quit) i did this as a departing notice to these money hungry faggots.

    trust me, it was So much fun pissing people off.
    im glad im quitting, this game was a drug, maybe some of you should
    try this, plus you get to exploit the game TO YOUR own liking before quitting =)

  34. Max says:

    Got (temporarily) banned two days ago. Never did anything wrong, I played this game for 2 years..payed Blizzard so much money and now this? Screw them if they don’t reinstate my account again. That would be the end of Wow for me.

  35. Matt says:

    I’ll help some of you out and give you the view from the other side. I don’t do this stuff but I do know how it is done and a lot of the methods people are using right now that may shed some light on that has been happening.

    There are lots of people who want to either scam your account yourself, eg steal the whole thing, including characters, and then sell or keep to themselves, or they want to shar every character you have, leaving them naked and walking off with the gold. Finally, people will use your hacked account to scam other players in-game, as they don’t care if you get banned or not.

    The most common ways your account info is compromised are these:

    1) clicking/downloading a keylogger or Trojan. Here all I can simply say is don’t download files from people you don’t know, never execute .exe or .jpgs unless you know they can be trusted, and so on. You should keep your anti-virus updated
    2) You see a mail in your inbox from ‘’ (something could be accountservices, wowaccountadmin, etc). It looks like It’s from Blizzard, and asks your for account info. It isn’t from Blizzard, its from someone using an email spoofer to make you trust them. Also known as phishing, it could also ask you to go to a website (usually an imitation of the real wow site) and enter info for different things, Beta invites, rewards etc etc. NEVER email your username/pass to anyone from your email account, nor your name, Secret Question Answer etc…And here is why:
    3) There is a known exploit of a piece of web software which lots of guild websites use, that without going into detail, allows people to download the forums SQL database and get a list of email addresses, and forum login passwords. Now is where the problems start. Lots of people use the same passwords for their guild forum, as for their email address. This means that the enterprising hacker can have a list of say 200 email addresses, and potential passwords. Of course not everyone will work, but even if say, 20 do (its likely to be much higher), this person now has access to the email address of a WoW account holder. Not very hard to then work out your first/last name (read your emails), wow username (look for an email from blizzard). They can reset your password on the wow site, and access the new one in your email, then delete before you even know its there/been done. By the time you find it, your character will be gone or penniless. Moral of this story is never use the same pass for everything – your email pass should be completely different to everything else you signup for online. Gmail and Hotmail may have great security, but can you say the same for every website you’ve ever signed up for a password with?

    With regard to the bannings, its common for scammers to take your account and for a day or so scam people in-game trading for stuff etc – this explains the exploitation of the economy stuff. Also, if they want to steal your characters, its common practice once they have done a “paid character transfer” and taken them onto their own account, they will simply hack/spam gold selling etc on your old account to get it perma-banned, as you then won’t be able to recall the characters.

    Hope that gives you some insight into how this stuff is done, and hopefully will help people avoid it in the future

  36. Sephiroth says:

    Here’s a few things I’ll mention from experience.
    For all those surprise bans, etc. Hackers will frequently and secretly gain access to your account. Then they will observe your play schedule. If they identify a time you are always off more than likely they will take action at such a time. This optimises the time they have to do damage to your account without the real owner getting in the way.
    For those who got suspended/banned for attempting to sell and account you weren’t trying to sell. Well, once they have access to your account, which they may have for some time, they can advertise to sell your account while you continue to play unaware. When they have a buyer, they wait until your usual logoff time and complete the transaction. Character transfers can take up to an hour, and to successfully complete their sale, they need a happy customer :) It’s usually the time people sleep or are consistently gone to work. The thief only has to identify the time you’re regularly off.
    One time I was playing on my horde guild and needed a couple thousand gold. When I mentioned my main was on another alliance server, with no way to transfer money to my toon, another guildy informed me he had the same prob, and had a low level toon on the same server as my main. We worked it out. He gave me 2k gold straight and I gave him 2k gold straight on the other server. Both of us got a 72 hour suspension for abusing the economy or some such. It wasn’t a big prob, but we figured it was a default ban for getting 2kg face to face with no item traded… maybe?
    I have been suspended for in game pvp harassment; understandable.
    I have been suspended for excessive foul language.
    Actually, I have been suspended in the ballpark of at least 20 times for misceallanous offenses. I think they don’t ban me because the offenses are either minor or they don’t have the evidence to inflict an actual ban. Who knows. It may yet one day happen :D And I’ll figure I had it coming. Certainly not all of my conduct is becomming. But my suspensions are pretty well-spaced out too. Mild humor is the like the 15+ final warnings I’ve received :P
    Blizzard sounds like my mom in that regard, but oh well.
    On a good note, the one time my account was jacked, blizzard was actually very helpful. I had to contact a GM in game and fill out a form of what went wrong, when, when I lost access to my account. Apparently my innocence was considered likely anyway, seeing as how the IP associated with my account during all offensive instances was somehow being tracked from Asia :P . They fixed everything and got me all my stuff back.
    Overall I have to say blizzard has been very helpful, you just have to be willing to deal with the process. I guess some people haven’t had very good experiences, so maybe Blizzard is improving their customer service.

  37. utis says:

    I got banned a few hours ago permanently for no reason… i thought… then I remembered what might have caused loosing an 80 mage 3×70s and a few 40-60 characters, all on the same server. I am arguably the nicest guy on my server, who played almost for nothing else but help others (complete strangers) in the game… than I remembered…I did violate the terms only once by purchasing 100 gold 2.5 years ago, when I began the game and wasn’t fully aware what it really meant. I did not read the agreement terms (don’t know anyone who has, but i’m not using it as an excuse). The reason I’m explaining my story is to demonstrate that it could take years for Blizz to catch up with something that you might have forgotten. Banning me now although hurts, but that is only withdrawal of warcrack. I work in the business of creating computer games (MMORPG as well) and i have to say that WOW is the best game out there, no contest (or at least financially and in player numbers). Blizz is a bit harsh regarding bans, but if you were in charge of making sure that the overall community and the integrity of the game suffers as little as possible from cheats, I challenge you to come up with a better solution (it takes years of working from the inside i can assure you before you begin having much worse ideas and policies that are actually implemented in the game right now). Blizz is not perfect, and there are considerable unjust casualties i’m sure, but consider a ban as a great hint from real life that perhaps you should find another source of happiness that cannot be taken away from you… at least not by a policy of an interest group. I feel your pain though….. cheers, utis.

  38. robert says:

    i just got banned for 2 days. i really have no clue what i got banned for. im sure i did something wrong or w/e. i set up the account with my school e-mail and then the school switched our emails so i didnt get any warnings or anything. but i really think some of the things the rules say are to open ended. like what is chat spamming. is that typing to fast. i can type 95+ words per min. so if i need to type. wtb (blank) i can spam without a macro. so they really need to clean there stuff up.

  39. Dan says:

    Here is my story.

    I got banned 6 days ago, I have sent several e-mails with follow ups to Blizzard with no response. Do not waste your time trying to call the reps because they will not be able to help nor their supervisor or manager. No one can tell you anything regarding a progress, regarding why your account was banned which in my case was economy exploitation. I have been farming for the 10 days before my ban in Blade’s Edge Mountains and acquired about 6500 gold via AH.

    After reading the USER Agreement I realized Blizzard has gotten my balls in their hands and they are allowed to do what ever they want, and they do not care how much time you spent on your character.. Which in my case was – I started playing only 6 weeks ago.

    I hope someone can log and tell me more about the experience with WOW Account Administration rather then why they got banned. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive a response? A few blogs state weeks to months.

    Sad, the truth is I hope they ban my account for good because then I will dispute every charge on my credit card with them. Including the Strategy Books, game CDs and such.

  40. Bigbry567 says:

    I got banned, but that does bode well for> I played this game becausse my friend said I looking depress so He got me the game. So I am hooked on wow. I a disable vet and I got my wife in the game and daughter on it. The problem is that since I use a credit for the game they off the game too. I try calling and got nothing. I try e-mails that do anything either. So if I was rich or famous I won`t be banned. But, I am just disable viet Nam Vet Who not rich or famous. I played 11/2 years. You can`t win the only you might get it back if you all go class action suit aginst the wow, but that might take years and I can`t go that route because I am 60 years old. But you young people can.

  41. Kell says:

    Yea I wonder if Blizz thinks they got as many players as they can and start banning accs to they can get more money..Any way this is my story: I wake up one morning and tryed to log on and it said my password was changed so i was like wtheck? so i went and retrieved and changed it then tried to log on and it said this acc is closed please visit blah blah blah so i go there and write them and they say that i have abused the chat system like spamming and i didnt but i did cuss…i mean you see a cuss word on the trade chat system every freekin day and i did it maybe 5 times (i swear) and i get closed automatically? BULL! i clicked the link and it took me to the contract then i clicked on another lick to penalitys and i was suppose to get a warning..then 3 hour penality then 24, 48,72, and then closed but heck no i get auto closed! Something is going on in Blizz and i just think this is another way for them to get some more cash and its completley unfair! and i have wrote the company but i havennt got a reply yet and i no for a fact i will not get another game ..if anything ill get a lawer into this and have something done about it. With all the problems with this Blizz should lose there ability to continue WOW…SCREW THE COMPANY!

  42. Smalls McGradd says:

    People posting on here know EXACTLY why they were banned but are playing it down. If you follow the terms and conditions you will be fine if you buy gold, run bots, pay for power levelling services you will get banned.

    Ignore the crap posted here by people that DID do this and got banned, removing them from the game means the others get a better experience. I’ve been playing since release, by the rules and as a result have not got banned.

  43. Boyd says:

    I started playing WoW a Long time ago and stopped playing it for a while now on 3 february 2010 I wanted to start playing again first I noticed I was hacked but no playing time was added since I was gone I thought it was very strange.
    Well after waiting aboyt a week on an answer of them they fixed everything I tried to add a gamecard, it said I couldnt for some reason so I contacted them again.
    after suprisingly 6 hours later I got an reply is was fixed and I did add my gamecard and I started playing.

    (i started to play again as soon a good friend of mine had bought the game)
    2 days after I started He was banned He played for 2 days by then because of exploitation of the wow economy by selling something for real money what he didnt he waws lvl 5 what could he possibly sell.
    well after I needed to fix it forum by sending them a mail again I got a reply in 20 minutes!

    The problem was fixd and he could play now today bout 3 days after that on saturday I played (very long) and my friend and I sitting next to me were playin WoW we stopped at 23:00 cause we would go to my dad’s house now at 00:30 We wanted to log in again to do 1 last dungeon :P (vacation form school began today)
    and now Im banned for a reason and I cant read my mail right now cause I only can do that at home I think it will be fixed but im getting quite sick of this cause we had 4 problems in 2 weeks and its getting very annoying.

  44. Chie says:

    I got a better example of a broken system that blizzard has now. I setup a trial account not long ago and was play for a few minutes, not even to an hour. Then I got banned and the reason was :

    ” This account was closed because a character on the account repeatedly abused World of Warcraft’s in-game chat system. This abuse includes advertising third party services/websites and repeatedly spamming in-game chat channels. Abuse of this nature pollutes chat channels shared by all players and harms the game environment as a whole. ”

    That would only be possible if I even chatted once in the game which I didn’t, didn’t even have a chance. I did not chat at all since there was no one present to chat with at the time and I wanted to lvl up to get a feel of the game.

    I replied back to Blizzard regarding this and asked them to at the very least confirm and discribed why was I was really banned for and all I got was this reply :

    “Thank you for your follow-up email. The information regarding the account WoW1 has been reviewed once again and the closure was indeed warranted.

    As such, we regret to inform you that the account closure decision is final and the account status permanent. The World of Warcraft account will not be re-opened or re-activated under any circumstance. ”

    I know Blizzard makes great games but if their MMORPG account service is handled in this matter where their banning system and customer service is such that they can banned you for no apparent reason or reasons for a fact that you did not commit. * I mean seriously, less then 15 mins, of loggin in after creating that new trial account. * What assurance does a consumer have of not getting banned without a true and just reason if he/she were to purchase such a service. The trial account experience really made me reconsider if Blizzard could be trusted in handling paid service fairly.

    In a way, its giving your money to a crooked business. You know you’re gonna get backstabbed but you just don’t know when.

  45. Sunny_C says:

    I know that there are a lot of people who say that you do not get banned for no reason, you must have done soemthing and you know exactly what. Well I got banned twice and I haven’t done anything. The first time was a week ago, I didn’t get a warning or anything; I wanted to log in and wasn’t able. When I checked my e-mail it said I was banned for three hours because of in-game chat disruption. Now I don’t chat except for with my guild members because I’m shy and also because I like soloing. Most of the time I don’t even chat with party-members. Anyway, I also had an e-mail that said that I had changed my password which I hadn’t done. I contacted Blizzard and told them about it. Got a mail back that said they had investigated and my bann was warrented.

    Today I wanted to log in but it wasn’t able. I immediatly checked my e-mail and saw that I had one that said that I changed my password which I hadn’t. I changed it, wrote an e-mail and started playing. I then had to check something on the net so I logged off. When I wanted to log on I couldn’t because I was banned for in-game chat disruption. The thing is I was in bed sleeping when that happened.

    I’ve been playing for a while and have several character of high level. Also, I am a student so don’t have a lot of money. Why would I then jeopardise it all just for laughs and giggles. It’s a lot of work to level up and I would not just throw it and my money away.

    This has put me off from WOW and I think that today was my last gameday.

  46. Cylexien says:

    I started playing WoW 10 days ago through the Recruit-A-Friend sent to me by a friend who has been playing for 5 years. I had never played before. I’ve spent at least $70 buying the game and expansion packs, already signed up for monthly billing even though I am still in my trial period and my friend just spent money to buy me a Spectral Steed.

    This morning, I received a form letter via e-mail saying that my account was suspended for advertising/spamming. I don’t have anything to advertise and I have never spammed anyone. I have never so much as used foul language in chat.

    I’m a 41 year old woman who was learning how to play WoW with a friend. I have nothing whatsoever to spam about, nor do I have anything to do with anything that I would be advertising. I’ve never done anything inappropriate in the game. It seems to me this has to be either an outright mistake, my account was hacked while I was sleeping last night, or Blizzard is scamming me out of a lot of money if I want to keep playing the game.

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