How Do I Get Keyed For Karazhan?

April 16, 2007 by Apadwe  
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I want to be able to check out Karazhan to start getting my tier 4 set. What do I need to do in order to get keyed for karazhan?

In order to get your Karazhan key you basically just need to follow through on a quest line which has seven quests you need to do in order to get your Karazhan key.

First off you will have to travel back to everyone’s favorite place…Deadwind Pass in order to get the first two quests you need to do for the kara key. You will be looking for Archmage Alturus (47,75 coords) in Deadwind Pass.

The quests you will pick up are Arcane Disturbances and Restless Activity. They are pretty much straight-forward quests and pretty simple to complete. The only problem I had with these were the groups of Alliance waiting to go into Karazhan that kept killing me while I was trying to reach Archmage Alturus, but hey…no problems on PvE servers.

After doing those you will pick up Contact From Dalaran from Archmage Alturus. You will have to head over to Alterac Mountains north of the “big purple dome thing” where you will find Archmage Cedric to turn it in to (15,54 coords).

From there you will pick up another quest from Archmage Cedric called Khadgar. All you have to do for that part of the quest line is to head to Shattrath City and speak with Khadgar (54,44 coords) in the middle of the city.

Up to this point everything can easily be done solo, the rest of it will require a group in order to do. The next part of the quest line you get from Khadgar is called Entry Into Karazhan. This part of the line will lead you to Shadow Labyrinth in Auchindoun in order to get the First Key Fragment. The fragment is in a container behind and slightly left of Murmur. Be careful because a level 70 elite mob will spawn once someone trys to open the container.

After getting the First Key Fragment head back to Shattrath City and turn it in to Khadgar. He will then give you the next quest called The Second and Third Fragments.

In order to get the Second Key Fragment you will have to go to Steamvault in Coilfang Resevoir. The key fragment is in the bottom of the water to the right of the bridge to the first boss in a container. So head to the bridge and jump off to the right. Remember also that an elite elemental will also spawn once you try to open the container.

For the Third Key Fragment, it is time to head to Netherstorm and venture into Arcatraz which is in Tempest Keep. The key container is in the corner of the big blue room right after the first boss. It is possible to avoid fighting the first boss if you want.

Ok, now turn in both of the key fragments to Khadgar in Shattrath City and he will give you the quest The Master’s Touch and also he will give you Restored Apprentice’s Key which you must convince Medivh to restore it.

This brings you back to Caverns of Time where you will have to do the Black Morass encounter in order to talk to Medivh to complete The Master’s Touch quest and get your Karazhan key!

That’s all there is to it in order to get your Kara key so start having some fun in Karazhan! :)

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