Netherwing Reputation Guide Part 4: Honored To Exalted With Netherwing

May 31, 2007 by Apadwe  
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Finally, the final installment of this Netherwing rep grinding guide. Hopefully, this has helped a lot of you and will continue to help out players for a long time to come. Anyway, time to get busy….

Great part about hitting Honored is you will be able to upgrade your combat pet trinket so it will be usable in all the zones, not just Shadowmoon Valley! I guess the other great part is being closer to hitting exalted with the Netherwing faction.

Honored to Revered with Netherwing

Speaking with Taskmaster Varkule will give you the quest Stand Tall, Captain! which all you have to do is go speak with Overlord Mor’ghor and he will give you Captain’s Badge which is the actual trinket used to call forth your combat pet.

Overlord Mor’ghor will give you Disrupting the Twilight Portal (DAILY)which you have to kill 20 Deathshadow Agents and then return back to Mor’ghor.

Illidari Lord Balthas is the next quest giver you want to visit. He is also located on the Netherwing Ledge around the rest of the quest givers that we have discussed in earlier parts. He will give you The Soul Cannon of Reth�hedron. For this you will need to pick up 2 Felsteel Bars, 1 Adamantite Frame, 1 Khorium Power Core, and 1 Flawless Arcane Essence. The mats are pretty easy to get with the Flawless Arcane Essence being the harder to get one. In order to get this just visit Sar’this (coords 44,42) in Terokkar Forest inside a hut north of the Bone Wastes in the mountains. He will give you a quest for you to kill elementals and will give you the Flawless Arcane Essence.

Subdue the Subduer is the next part of this short quest line. You have to use the Soul Cannon on Reth’hedron the Subduer in Nagrand. It is located at (10,40) which is in the middle of Twilight Ridge west of Forge Camp: Hate.

Now you get to have some fun with the flying mount racing quests! There is a total of 7 racing quests for you to do and don’t forget that they give 500 rep a piece and the last one gives 1000 reputation. The first one is called Earning Your Wings� and the rest of them are just Dragonmaw Races against 6 different competitors. Seems like a really fun way to get some rep and a cool 10% faster mount speed trinket (Skybreaker Whip) at the end!

Revered to Exalted with Netherwing

Once you hit Revered with Netherwing you will want to see Taskmaster Varkule again because he will give you another upgrade to your combat pet trinket in the quest Hail, Commander!

Turn in Hail, Commander! to Overlord Mor’ghor and you will get the quest Kill Them All! For this quest all you have to do is deliver news of your mission along with the Dragonmaw Flare Gun to Arcanist Thelis at the Sanctum of the Stars in Shadowmoon Valley if you are Scryer and to Anchorite Ceyla at the Altar of Sha’tar if you are Aldor.

This opens up the last daily quest The Deadliest Trap Ever Laid (DAILY) where you will have to defend either the Scryer or Aldor base (depending on which you have chosen) from Dragonmaw Skybreakers. It can be soloable if you are a healer but it never hurts to have some friends along for the ride.

That is it! All the quests available in order to get from Hated to Exalted with Netherwing. The key thing to remember is to do the daily quests once a day if you want to get your Netherwing Drake ASAP! It will take a lot of time to do this and since you can only do 10 daily quests a day it helps to pick and choose the ones which reward the most reputation.


2 Responses to “Netherwing Reputation Guide Part 4: Honored To Exalted With Netherwing”
  1. Vesthria says:

    As of patch 2.4.0 you can now do 25 daily quests, making sure you don’t have to pick and choose. :]

  2. icebane says:

    my advice to get the eggs easier is first thing in a morning as i do about 8 oclock uk time i am getting 3 or more each day so thats 750 honor

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