Where Can I Farm For Mote of Air, Mote of Earth, Mote of Water, Mote of Mana and Mote of Fire?

June 11, 2007 by Apadwe  
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I need some motes! I just don’t really know the best places to farm for the different motes in Outlands. Do you know the best places to farm for motes?

Motes, motes, and even more motes! Those are the new “Essences” of World of Warcraft. Being a blacksmith myself it really can be a pain sometimes to find places to farm for these where not a lot of people are currently farming for them.

One of the best places to farm for motes is the Elemental Plateau in Nagrand. I know, I know….this can be the most farmed place for motes in the entire game. That is really because it is a great place to farm motes. The trick to it is farming for motes there when there is hardly anyone else there. So, you will really just want to farm this area during the late night hours or the early hours. Just make sure you find something else to do during Prime Time which usually happens between 6pm and midnight (at least on my server).

Another place you may want to check out is Netherstorm for some Mote of Mana drops. The mobs that drop these typically move around near the edges all around the islands in Netherstorm. The great part about these is they are levels 67-69 and are a lot easier to kill than most elemental mobs. The Phase Hunters around Netherstorm are really even better. This is probably the easiest place to gather Motes of Mana.

If you are looking for Mote of Air look no further than Shadowmoon Valley especially south-east of the Warden’s Cage around the Netherwing Drakes flying above. This area is farmed a lot as well but isn’t as nearly as busy as in Nagrand. You can also farm Mote of Mana here as well from the Nether Rays. Another great point about this is you don’t have to have a flying mount to get access to these.

These are the areas that I farm for motes the most and it has proven to be pretty profitable selling these in the auction house. It has brought a lot of gold in for me and I am almost ready to get my epic flying mount! Can’t wait! I know these areas will help you out a lot and the only other thing I can say is….time to get farming!


6 Responses to “Where Can I Farm For Mote of Air, Mote of Earth, Mote of Water, Mote of Mana and Mote of Fire?”
  1. Graylo says:

    Unless you are a Miner, DO NOT farm motes of Earth. Since Miners get them very easily they are very cheap on the AH. I usually get a primal earth for 3g. Also, there are few mobs that drop them easily, so if you really need them it is usually easier to farm the 3g then the 10 motes.

  2. Mark says:

    The best way recently that I found to get loads of Earth and Fire Motes has been when mining in Outland, the fel iron and adamanitite mining nodes give out a phenominal amount compaired to the drops available….

  3. fredthefro says:

    its also worth sniffing around on the AH last thing on a tuesday night before the server reset, ive picked up lots of primal fire and waters as ppl have put silly BO prices on but a really lower SP ive probs hooverd up 350g worth of these mispriced bargains in the last month

  4. doogiela says:

    As it was mentioned above about Nagrand being the probably the most farmed area of out land. The idea of farming when not to many people are on is a good idea. I personally went from sever to sever looking for one with an time zone difference. I live in California at the time and just looked for a server on East coast time. 3 hour difference. that way on week days or weekends when everyone is logging off for the night and raiding or what not, i just rummaged around Nagrand from spot to spot pretty unmolested.

  5. Thisguidesucks says:

    This is the worst advice I’ve seen in ages. Here you go:

    Motes of FIRE: Fel Pits in Shadow Moon Valley, hands down…

    Motes of WATER: Terokkar Forest: Skettis, in the lake around it are surgers…kill them. (Pop a Nagrand Cherry or two and have an hour of fun)…

    Motes of AIR: No really great spot…either Plateau or SMV (opt for SMV).

    Motes of MANA: Netherstorm: Kirin’Var Village (East of Manaforge Coruu). Mana Seekers and Mageslayers crap these things for breakfast. Got 20 primals in one night of playing (During prime time might I add).

    Motes of SHADOW: Nagrand, Oshu’gun. Kill the Voidspawns. (Also a chance at a rare elite that spawns near there named Void Hunter Yar, at least last time I checked, hasn’t been seen in a while).

    The only way Elemental Plateau is any good is if NO ONE is there. Period. There are very few mobs per mote type and the more people that are there farming them..the more your drop rate gets affected. I was there the other day and killed 20 Fire elementals in a row with NO mote drops…not a single one (was there for over an hour as well trying to actually get mobs) EP = Gank Fest..

  6. kronykus says:

    An excellent spot for grabbing up some Motes of Mana is while doing the daily quest “Maintaining the Sunwell Portal” which sends you to Bashir’s Landing on the northern plateau in Blade’s Edge Mountains. The worms you kill there have a descent drop rate most people (on my server at least) don’t take the time to farm them. I usually stay until I get 3 Primals worth then move on.

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