What Level Does My WoW Character Have To Be To Enter Outlands?

March 6, 2007 by Apadwe  
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I just started playing World of Warcraft and upgraded to the Burning Crusade expansion pack. I am currently only level 40. I starting to think I should have waited on buying the expansion until I was level 60 since many of my friends say I can’t go into Outlands being level 40. What level do I have to be in order to check out all the new stuff in Outlands?

Waiting on buying The Burning Crusade (TBC) expansion is something you could have done but if you want to keep playing WoW for a long time it really doesn’t save you any money buy purchasing earlier than later. So, you would have not been at any advantage to buy it later.

Your friends are right and wrong all at the same time it appears on you entering Outlands at level 40. Now that I really confused the crap out of you let me explain…

Right now in order to go into Outlands through the Dark Portal you have to be level 58. This is really due to change in the future as it seems Blizzard only did that to keep the massive amounts of lower level World of Warcraft players from putting a huge load on the servers which would have only caused major headaches for everyone (as if there wasn’t enough…).

Anyway, if you really just want to have a “look around” Outlands. You could always have a friend summon you there. That seems to work and used quite often in order to get lower level WoW players in Outlands.

My advice for right now would be work on leveling up your level 40 character to hit lvl 58 and then you can really experience Outlands in all its glory!

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7 Responses to “What Level Does My WoW Character Have To Be To Enter Outlands?”
  1. Skrye says:

    It’s not Outlands it’s Outland. Where do people get the idea the name is Outlands? Where does it ever say Outlands? The map in the game says Outland, when NPCs rever to it, it’s said Outland. Just wanted to spread the word that it’s said Outland.

  2. CPL Slack, Matthew W. USMC says:

    Wow someone needs to switch to decaf.

  3. Vytamindi says:

    Hee hee! How true about the decaf.

    I call it Outlands because I think of it as more than one zone. That’s probably why other people do it as well.

    Getting Shattrath actually helped me level. I got there around 40ish and it helped me cross continents much quicker. Even better being a shammy and having Astral Recall as well as a hearthstone. It also introduced me to the lag of the BC.

  4. Emenji says:

    @ Skrye

    We can call it Outlands if we want idiot. Sinse when did it ever have any impact on you at all. get a grip and go QQ somewhere else idiot.

    @ Me

    Coming from someone trolling forums. Contradict much? Of course you do you’re an idiot of course.

  5. Makarot says:


    Learn a new insult …idiot.

  6. Mike says:

    I think that was Scooby Doo on cafeinne….. “reVer”??.

    Its reFer….not rever….where does it say rever in the dictionary…when people spell refer it is spelled “refer” not reVer…….just wanted to tell you how to spell rever…..next time try referring to the dictionary if you need help spelling….Scooby. LMFAO

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